Episode 2: Small Talk


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“I hear you, need to, What’s up?, How are you?”


Which is the more common way to say this sentence, 1 or 2?

I hear you.

The second one.


That’s because the statement is reduced. A reduction happens when a sound is not said in a word or between words or when words are said less clearly.

When you agree with what someone just said, especially if you’ve had a similar experience, you can say I hear you. In this case, I hear you is often reduced since it’s a fast way of saying “I understand how you’re feeling.”

I hear you can sound like I ear ya.

need to can sound like needa.

Casual greetings can also be reduced.

What’s up? can sound like Whassup or Wassup?

– How are you? can sound like Howarya?


Practice: Listen and then repeat these lines from the conversation.