Episode 2: Small Talk


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Matching Game

Match the different aspects of speech you just learned to their audio examples.


Final Listening

Listen to the conversation again. Can you understand the speakers better?

End of Episode Survey

Please fill out this survey about what you learned below. The questions can help you reflect on your own learning, and your answers also help improve the podcast. This survey is completely anonymous and the results will not be permanently stored.

  • Present Simple: Other Verbs
  • Word Stress: Two Syllable Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Prepositions
  • Rhythm: Sentence Stress
  • Stop Consonants /t/ and /d/
  • Intonation: Questions
  • Fragments
  • Reductions: I hear you, need to, What’s up?, How are you?
  • Inference: Hesitation