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Episode 2


Esther and Ruth talk about different environmental issues.



Warm-Up Questions

Answer these questions. They will help you understand the conversation.



As an advanced English learner, you already understand lots of vocabulary. However, to improve your fluency, you should notice and try to use phrases fluent speakers commonly say, also known as collocations.

Here’s a list of terms used in the news to talk about the pandemic. Look up unfamiliar words in Visuwords, a very cool visual dictionary for learning about words by their relationships to others.


Future Perfect




Let’s Listen…


Listen as many times as you like and take notes.



Listen again while reading the transcript. Look for all the uses of past tense modals.

Pronunciation Game


Listen one more time. Can you understand the speakers better?



End of Episode Survey

Please fill out this survey about what you learned below. The questions can help you reflect on your own learning, and your answers also help improve the podcast. This survey is completely anonymous and the results will not be permanently stored.