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Is This Your Life?

  • Do you have difficulties communicating with your clients, coworkers or boss?

  • Or is it hard find a better position or change jobs because your spoken English is not very good?

  • Have you studied English before, but you need lots more practice with speaking and listening to get the life you want?

  • Are you afraid of being stuck where you are professionally and not being able to support your family better?

  • Are you worried you’ll not become the successful, proud person you want to be because your English is holding you back?

If you’re tired of struggling to find the right words to express yourself at work or you’re tired of positions or jobs that aren’t satisfying…

I can help you!

Let me teach you how to speak fluently and clearly by working on the patterns of spoken English and pronunciation.

Then with your new ability to have basic to intermediate conversations, you will have better relationships with your clients, boss, and coworkers and advance at your job.

Your stronger language skills will also open up opportunities to live the way you want, providing more for your family and developing yourself professionally.

About Me

Hi, I’m Miss Ruth, and I’ve been teaching ESL for over 10 years now.

I have experience working at George Brown College, York University and Seneca College in Toronto.

I’ve taught 100s of international students, immigrants, and refugees.

Check out my video lessons below to get a taste of my teaching style.

I can help you become the confident, smooth English speaker you’ve always wanted to be with my English Bootcamp for Fluency and Clarity.

Just sign up for a 30-minute strategy session below, so we can discuss your current situation and future goals and see if you’re the right candidate for my program.

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  • We’ll discuss your background in English, your current situation, challenges you’re facing at work or school, and future goals to see if I can offer you professional help with your communication skills.

  • If you are having tech issues, please email me as soon as possible and we can reschedule.

  • Ask me any questions you have at missruthsenglish@gmail.com.


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