Disappearing Syllables

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Do you have trouble pronouncing some common words in English?

One reason might be that, in some popular English words, we don’t say all the sounds. Native speakers don’t say all words the way they are written. Instead, we drop syllables.

For example, the word “memory” has 3 syllables when you look at the written form: “mem-o-ry.” However, we don’t pronounce them all when we speak.

A North American speaker says “mem-ry” with only 2 syllables.

It’s strange to hear anybody say “mem-o-ry.”

So if you want to fit in with your English, it’s important to pronounce things the way they are commonly said.

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“Favorite” is pronounced “fav-rit.” “Desperate” is pronounced “des-prit.” And “business” is pronounced “bus-ness.”