Practicing Fast Speech

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Do you have trouble understanding and saying fast speech?

This is a common issue with all English learners because traditional English courses don’t focus enough on the differences between written and spoken English.

Native speakers don’t say words and phrases like they are written. Instead, they squeeze the sounds together, drop some, and combine others.

Even advanced English speakers still struggle to understand what their colleagues, bosses or clients are saying.

What you need is more practice with linking and reductions, two aspects of pronunciation that often happen together.

I can help you with linking and reductions because pronunciation is my specialty.

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Where can you practice understanding and saying fast speech?

In my classes and interactive lessons, I teach all kinds of rules for linking and reductions.

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“itzaplezhur” = “It’s a pleasure.”

“monnago” = “I’m going to go.”

janowhucha want” = “Do you know what you want?”