Word Stress

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Do you have trouble pronouncing words that are part of a family?

For example, inform, information, and informative belong to the same family because they are different forms (verb, noun, and adjective) of the same word.

In each word, we stress one syllable the most, saying it louder, longer and with higher pitch.

But even though the words are similar, it doesn’t mean they are stressed on the same syllable.

  • Inform is stressed as in-FORM.
  • Informative is stressed as in-FOR-ma-tive.
  • But…Information is stressed as in-for-MA-tion.

The same syllable does not receive the same stress in each form, so you have to remember to stress the words differently, especially the noun information.

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  • PHO-to-graph
  • pho-TO-gra-pher
  • pho-TO-gra-phy
  • pho-to-GRAPH-ic
  • bi-O-lo-gy
  • bi-O-lo-gist
  • bi-o-LO-gi-cal
  • bi-o-LO-gi-call-y