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Play this fun game to learn more about the pronunciation of spoken English!

Instructions: Match the word cards with pronunciation features to the audio cards with examples.


I didn’t realize learning English, especially grammar, could be so much fun. In Ruth’s class, we didn’t just follow the textbooks. We played lots of interactive games, and Ruth also likes to laugh a lot and chat with the students. I looked forward to her classes.

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Miss Ruth

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I’m an ESL teacher based in Toronto, and I can teach you American English!

I have helped hundreds of students get into Canadian universities.

I also help immigrants and refugees improve their English skills to better their lives.

My podcast lessons will improve your English skills for conversation, and my private classes can help you learn whatever you need.

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  • Learn the features of the North American spoken English

  • Gain confidence in your pronunciation

  • Understand fast speech in ordinary conversation

  • Talk more fluently at work, school, and with strangers

  • Know why and how to use grammar

  • Read and listen better for the smaller details

  • Gain knowledge about beginner, intermediate and advanced topics

  • Learn about living in Canada & the U.S.

  • Study whenever you like!


Ruth is a patient teacher. She really takes the time to explain things. If a student in the class didn’t understand, she would try different ways to help them get the idea, using her words, pictures, or online tools. She enjoys teaching and really wants her students to learn.

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