How to Teach Pronunciation for Spoken English

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I don’t know how to teach pronunciation.

I’ve never really studied linguistics.

How can we make pronunciation fun?

Whether you’re a new, old or non-native teacher, do you lack the knowledge and confidence to teach pronunciation to your students?

Is it hard to make teaching pronunciation interesting for your students? Do you also want to feel more passionate about a seemingly boring subject and even jazz up your lessons for the other skills?

Do you feel like you’re not helping students with what they need most: speaking and listening to REAL English, not just robotic textbook speech?

Are you missing out on better or more exciting teaching positions because you’re not the kind of well-rounded teacher that students find extremely helpful with what they want badly: communication skills?

Do you worry that your training and experience aren’t enough to be the teacher you want to be because of this gap in your repertoire?

You’re not alone because I have also had the same challenges with teenage and adult students.

We don’t learn a lot about pronunciation and spoken English in our many hours of TESL courses or professional development.

But with the research and resources from this course, you can fill in that knowledge gap and develop a more impressive resume for future work opportunities.

And with my interactive materials, your students will start to sound clearer and more fluent.

You can become the versatile, passionate teacher who’s able to address your students’ most urgent need.

Get a Taste

Watch my Tutela Webinar from April 22nd about teaching pronunciation for a sneak peek.

Get a free activity on vowel sounds, a “Sound Maze” for your students.

I Can Help You!

Hi, I’m Miss Ruth, and I’ve been teaching ESL for over 10 years now.

I have experience working at George Brown College, York University and Seneca College in Toronto.

I’ve taught 100s of international students, immigrants, and refugees.

Check out my video lessons for students below.


I also presented at TESL Toronto 2017 about creating and using rap songs for pronunciation and building speaking confidence.

I presented at the 2018 T4T Conference at Victoria College on using Google Sites as an interactive platform for class materials and TESL Ontario 2019 via webinar about research writing.

And lately, I’ve been developing this comprehensive site for teaching spoken North American English through one-of-a-kind interactive lessons.


Watch this video tour of the course!

Take advantage of my course based on pedagogical research where I’ll teach you the 7 secrets of pronunciation for real English and how to teach your teenage or adult students.

With my methods and materials, you’ll see great progress in your students’ understanding and capacity for pronunciation and spoken English in general.

How I’ll Help You

Do You Know

The 7 Secrets of Pronunciation?

Word Stress


Vowels & Consonants




Tone & Attitude

Maybe you’ve heard of these aspects of speech, but I bet your students don’t know all of them.

But each one is so important for speaking and understanding fast, casual English.

Collocations are also necessary to improve spoken English, so I discuss them as well.

I have 8 videos dedicated to each of these.

Don’t worry, the videos are not long and dry with just theory. They summarize important details in layman’s terms, and you’ll come away with many practical things to try.

 You’ll learn…

  • why it’s important to teach them
  • a number of the rules and types
  • strategies and activities to teach them

Become a more confident, resourceful teacher who’s passionate about helping students reach their goals of clarity and fluency!

This Course Includes...

Interactive video training

List and explanation of resources

My 20+ interactive lessons to use with students who get FREE access

Vocabulary flashcards based on the lessons

14 activities and games for the virtual or in-person class

And a mini-course on How to Rap, so students can learn with music!

How to Teach Pronunciation

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Pronunciation is often superficially taught in prep courses; it’s complex and requires time. And speaking in general is the Cinderella of all skills, often neglected in the classroom. This course and the interactive lessons are what teachers and learners need.

Plamen Kushkiev
ESL Teacher, Multilingual

This online learning platform does an excellent job of helping learners to discover the rules of grammar and pronunciation in a self-paced and stress-free environment with clear modelling of the target language and guidance on perfecting skills.

Joumana Baltagi
ESL Teacher, Arabic Speaker

Miss Ruth’s lively lessons will help you “crack the code” of the tricky aspects of listening and speaking in English. She focuses on many important details that teachers may not be aware of or do not have time to cover in the class.

Annemarie Gallaugher
ESL Teacher

These English lessons will truly help learners understand and build their capacity for listening and speaking English. These lessons have been carefully designed to ensure that learners can reach their acquisition goals.

Illy Diaz
Educator, Spanish Speaker

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