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To give your students full access to the interactive lessons (check out the first one FREE), flashcards, the downloadable 14 activities and games, and the mini-course on How to Rap, you have to be a monthly subscriber. Then, do the following steps.

1. Have your students create an account by registering ONLY through this page by sharing the link. They will need a password: purp8976.

2. Please, please, please tell students to use YOUR LAST NAME in their username!

  • For example, if your last name is “Defleur,” your students should call themselves “jason-defleur” or “viktoria-defleur.”

3. Send me their usernames in the form below.

4. I’ll upgrade them on my side to full membership

5. If you end your membership, the students lose access as well.

*Note: All the interactive activities work and work best in Chrome.

If you’re having trouble viewing or using any of the interactive content including the videos, send me a message at missruthsenglish@gmail.com.

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    Head over to the interactive lessons (which work best in Chrome) and check out the flashcards. You can check out the first lesson FREE.

    The 14 activities and games and the mini-course on How to Rap are below.

    Just share the links with the students, except for the ones that are teacher’s instructions, and note that students do not have access to the answers.

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