Talking about products and services in business English

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Need more powerful language when you talk to clients?

Then here’s some business English advice for you: maybe you need to learn more adjectives and adverbs.

When you want to convince a customer to buy a product or service, you really need to get your description right.

Too little information and you might sound vague. The prospective client might not understand exactly what the product does or its value.

But if you use powerful descriptors that explain not only what you have to offer but exactly how it’s different from the rest, then the client will be intrigued. And you’ll start to speak business English like an American.

If you want to convince the client that your product is innovative and capable of being a market-leader

Examples of Business English Product Descriptions

Use words like these when you explain the details to enhance your business English communication:

– “extremely versatile”
– “intrinsically better”
– “undeniable benefits”
– “highly marketable”
– “lucrative venture or opportunity”

Notice the adjectives and adverbs in each example: do you ever use these words?

Sure, you can take a business English course and learn lots of business English vocabulary, but taking the time to rethink and even rewrite how you normally talk about your company’s product or service will be immediately helpful at work.

Challenge yourself to come up with a variety of scintillating product and service descriptions to really engage your potential clients.

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