Practicing English Pronunciation: Feelings & Attitude

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Have you ever misunderstood the feelings of someone you were speaking to?

Did you think they were pleased with what you said, but they were actually bothered?

Did you think they were being sincere, but they were being sarcastic?

Imagine if you’re in an important meeting at work, and you don’t realize that your boss or potential client is frustrated, impatient, or unhappy when they’re speaking.

That meeting could end badly.

That’s why it’s important to learn and practice recognizing how English speakers express their emotions through their words and pronunciation.

Why you should learn English pronunciation

So often, in ESL courses, students don’t learn much about English pronunciation in use.

Some learners also take English accent training or accent reduction classes, but those programs also might not focus on feelings and attitudes of the speaker.

Sometimes, the most important part of a speaker’s message is what they don’t say, and missing the emotion or the mood that they are sharing can lead to serious misunderstandings.

Watch my English pronunciation lesson below, so you can learn to pick on all the unspoken meanings in someone else’s speech and better understand their feelings and attitude.

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