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There are many different aspects of pronunciation. So that’s why it’s difficult for teachers or apps to cover all of them. In order to understand the American accent, you need some training from a pronunciation course with lots of audio that explains the many rules in a simple way.

There are many accent reduction programs that promise to get rid of your accent, but that isn’t necessary for you to speak clearly. In order to improve your spoken English and understand native speakers better, it’s important to learn and use the following features of the English language.

  • word stress
  • rhythm
    • sentence stress
    • prominence
    • emphatic stress
    • old/new information
  • vowels and consonants
    • different pronunciation of the same vowel or consonants (i.e. many ways to say /t/)
    • r-colored vowels
  • linking & connected speech
  • intonation
  • reductions
  • tone, attitude and feelings

To practice a few of these, click here to try the matching game in the picture below.

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