Learn Vocabulary Fast

Don’t want to miss any tips and tricks for English?

When I started learning Spanish, my biggest problem was remembering the basic vocabulary. I needed a way to learn all the important words and simple expressions.

So I started using Quizlet.


Quizlet is an awesome FREE tool, which you can use as an app for English vocabulary or any other language.

In order to use it well, you should create your own English vocabulary list by writing down words you hear or read, so you know you are studying English vocabulary that’s in use and is interesting to you.

I also suggest you create another list of phrases and expressions because, as I talked about in last week’s article, we can improve our vocabulary the most by learning language in chunks.

Make Boring Practice Fun

Put your lists into different Quizlet sets, and you can even add pictures from their huge collection since pictures can help you remember the meanings more easily.

Now, you’re ready to learn AND have fun. In order to remember vocabulary, we do have to practice the same words over and over again, but that practice doesn’t have to be boring.

Quizlet has…

  • flashcards
  • spelling practice
  • games
  • and even make-your-own tests.

After playing on Quizlet for a few months, my memory for beginner-level Spanish words really got better, but Quizlet is great for advanced, business, ielts or any kind of English vocabulary.

Where else can you learn more vocabulary?

In my online lessons, I teach English words and phrases for spoken English. And I’ve created two Quizlet sets for my Beginner and Intermediate levels. Give them a try!


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