Build Vocabulary with Visuwords

Don’t want to miss any tips and tricks for English?

Do you have trouble using new words that you just learned?

And do you sometimes make awkward sentences in English because you’re not sure how to use them in a sentence?

When you are learning a language, it’s important to learn the meaning of individual words. But it’s more important to learn what words go together.

Words that we see together often in a language are called collocations.

Using collocations make you sound natural because they are the phrases that native speakers typically use.

However, as an ESL learner, it can be difficult to figure out which words collocate with each other.

Of course there are collocations dictionaries, like Oxford’s. And even an ordinary dictionary can teach you collocations because they give examples of phrases including the target word.


However, you can also try Visuwords, an interactive dictionary. It allows you to see the definitions, synonyms, antonyms, parts of speech, collocations and other information about a target word in one glance.

With Visuwords, you can also click on any of the related words that pop up and learn about their information as well.

Visuwords is also a great tool for learning advanced English vocabulary or IELTS vocabulary because you can look up complex or technical terms.

Of course you can find vocabulary lists online. But I think the best way to learn vocabulary is create your own list of individual words AND collocations.

It’s the creation of the lists that helps you remember the words more.

So check out Visuwords, get yourself a notebook, paper or digital, and start learning, practicing and using collocations today.

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