How about FREE English Classes?

Hi English Learner,

It’s been awhile since I’ve had lots of time for Miss Ruth’s English Podcast, but I’ve got an exciting new idea about teaching English to share with you.

I have many users and followers, but I don’t think you’re getting enough effective practice.

  • Are English courses and apps too expensive for you?
  • Don’t have the time to take 3-5 classes a week anyways?
  • Tired of learning English all on your own?

I think I’ve thought of an awesome solution.

What if I offered you FREE English classes?

In these free classes, you could:

  • improve your pronunciation, so English speakers can better understand you.
  • learn casual phrases and grammar, so you’ll sound fluent.
  • overcome your anxiety about speaking a new language, so you can speak confidently at work or with friends.
  • meet a community of international English learners around the world, so you don’t feel like you’re learning all on your own.

To master spoken English, there are 7 aspects you need to learn about pronunciation, and we could focus on these in our classes.

But the truth is I’m not ready to offer these classes yet because…I need to hear from you.

How many of you are interested? And what do you want to learn?

What else do you want from Miss Ruth’s English Podcast that can help you improve your English?

I want to hear your thoughts, but there’s only a limited time for you to submit your feedback. You have until December 16th!

If I don’t get enough interest and feedback by then, then unfortunately the free English classes for paying members won’t happen.

So if you’re serious, please fill out this survey!