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I taught English at many schools, and I noticed a problem. Many students pass their courses, but they still struggle to have a basic conversation in English.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, students don’t practice listening and speaking a lot in the class. Teachers focus more on reading, writing and grammar.

Second, teachers also don’t have much time for pronunciation, and usually, they only teach individual sounds, like vowels and consonants.

Today, there are also many free websites or apps for English.

But many do not teach spoken English, which is different from English in a book.  Also, most apps do not teach you the many parts of pronunciation that you need to know to sound fluent.

My Mission

In this podcast, I teach you how to understand and speak fast, casual English. In each lesson, you will find vocabulary and grammar that native speakers use often.

There are also many pronunciation activities. Pronunciation is more than just saying the letters of the alphabet.

To make sure others understand you, you have to practice word stress, rhythm, intonation, linking, reductions and other connected speech. If you don’t know what these are, don’t worry – I’ll teach you!

I also want to make learning English cheaper and easier 😉

Since English is the world’s language, many people need it to get better jobs or go to school. Finding good ESL courses at a low price can be hard. But my podcast gives you a chance to learn English by an educated teacher with lots of experience.

Keep Your Accent! Just Speak Clearly.

My podcast lessons will help you improve your speaking skills. Use what you learn here in real world conversations. If you can hear it, you can say it.

But this is NOT an accent reduction program.

Many ESL learners feel shy about their accent, and they might be treated unfairly too.

However, research proves that you can have a strong accent and native speakers can still understand you. You don’t need to lose your accent. In fact, there are more non-native speakers talking in English in the world than native speakers.

Just so you know, the speakers in each episode have Canadian accents, and the focus of the podcast is North American English.


Learn Fast or Slow

This online course is all about self-paced learning.

In the classroom, you have to follow the book or the teacher. But here, you can learn as fast or slow as you want. You can pause the audio or play it again. You can skip ahead to future activities or lessons or repeat ones you already did.

However, I think everyone should start with the Beginner Episodes because there are many things about pronunciation you might not know at that level.

Please use Chrome since all the interactive activities work in this browser. And your results will not be stored or used for other purposes.


Teaching Style

All the lessons are based on research and teaching experiences. If you want to learn more about how I designed the podcast, you can check out these books:

I am a passionate teacher, so I keep learning to make sure my students have the best experience.

Also, if you are a teacher or administrator and you would like a consultation about the development of curriculum and materials for online learning, you can ask for more details through the Contact page.

I wish you the best of luck on your English journey!

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